Wall of Heroes banner
DCF salutes our staff and their family members who are away serving our country in the various branches of the armed forces. These brave individuals exemplify the finest that Florida has to offer and we are proud to include them in this commemorative web page. It is because of these courageous patriots that the United States is winning the fight against terrorism.

Sgt. Darrin Robison Jeffery Scott Perdomo Valerie D. Simmons Kimberly M. Preston Jarrod Hinckley Kenneth Hinckley Andrew Hinckley Daniel Scott Tyre Michael Jason Gallant Jake Terrill Orlando Antonio Garcia F. Mike Lewis Patrick G. Thomas Nigel Guerin Bryan Wimberly James T. Barker James Raulerson Edward A. Blanton Tracy Black Ricardo Whitney Brandon Little Glen Beck Mark W. Coshatt C. T. Griffin Steve Holmes Charles Fetzer Darryl Wright Michael Swain Chad Hamilton Andre Locust Bianca Locust Jose A. Oyola Joshua Dyson Betsy Lewis Col. David AbramowitzSgt. John Zehner Mary L. Jones Greg Zieba Jonathan David Sanders Christopher Kerr Jason Rodgers Ronald Batiste Sonja Fuller Horne George Robinson Matt Robinson Brittian A. Walker Sheldon Curl Michael Wilbourn SSG, Glenn A. Ross Carl Smalls Graham Garvey Floyd Edwards Andrew S. Ali Timothy Potter Alvaro Herrera Joel A. Stocking JoEllen Johnson Guillermo A. Carlo Corynn Franklin Samantha J. Ramos Justin Johnston Alzie Kemp Ricardo Lopez Anthony Carter Shakerian Adams Rechard Munn Jesse K. Murray Sonny Rodriguez Jason Nolf Nikolay solovyeva Will Crouse Donald Claus Andrew C. Poligo Mark Wilson Heather Wood Erica L. Nolen Jacinda Rivers Jacob Abramowitz James Elston, Jr.