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Family Safety Desk Reference

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Name Last Updated Description
Master Index 06/20/98 Master Index
Imp Plan 07/2000 Implementation Plan, Laws of Florida--Chapter 2000-139 (Yellow Book)
Chapter 39 9/7/2006 Child Welfare
Operating Procedures Last Updated Includes the following from DCF's Policies and Procedures
HRSOP 15-12 12/01/98 Procedures for Releasing Selected Information Pertaining to an Abuse, Neglect, Abandonment or Exploitation Report
CFOP 30-5 06/01/98 Cases Requiring Entry of a Final Order
CFOP 60-11 05/26/98 Policy on Domestic Violence
CFOP 60-52 07/01/01 Employees as Guardians Ad Litem
CFOP 175-15 09/01/99 Child Welfare Legal Services
CFOP 175-16 03/04/97 Avoiding Unnecessary Placements Through the Use of Substitute Care Funds
CFSOP 175-17 06/01/02 Child Death Review Procedures
CFOP 175-18 04/01/99 Child Care Training
CFSOP 175-19 05/09/01 Administrative Fines and Other Penalties for False Reporting of Abuse, Neglect and Abandonment
CFOP 175-20 02/26/97 Child Protection Teams and Sexual Abuse Treatment Programs
CFOP 175-21 05/24/01 Investigative Response
CFSOP 175-22 06/14/96 Diligent Search
CFOP 175-23 04/01/99 Case Supervision in Initial Responses/Assessments Involving Shelter Care
CFOP 175-24 10/13/97 Predisposition Study
CFOP 175-25 02/18/97 Additional and Supplemental Reports
HRSOP 175-26 06/03/96 Confidentiality of Children and Families Records
CFSOP 175-28 05/01/98 Allegation Matrix
CFOP 175-29 05/01/00 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Funding for Services
HRSOP 175-33 06/21/96 Out-Of-Town Inquiries
CFOP 175-34 08/01/98 Removal and Placement of Children
CFOP 175-36 12/01/98 Reports and Services Involving Indian Children
CFOP 175-37 12/01/98 Sharing Records With Children
CFOP 175-38 12/01/98 Reunification
CFSOP 175-39 08/02/96 Change of Custody
CFSOP 175-40 01/15/97 Consent for Medical Screening, Examination, and Treatment of Children in Physical or Legal Custody of the Department
CFOP 175-41 10/13/97 Family Assessment
CFOP 175-42 11/25/96 Case Chronological Documentation
CFOP 175-43 08/01/00 Referral Sources - Courtesy Supervision
CFOP 175-44 06/01/99 Services to Refugee and Entrant Unaccompanied Minors
CFOP 175-45 11/01/96 Assessment of Florida Abuse Hotline Information Referrals
CFOP 175-46 02/05/97 Duplicate and Sequence Merges
CFOP 175-47 12/01/98 Termination of Services - General
CFOP 175-48 07/01/99 Transfer of Cases Within and Between Districts
CFOP 175-49 12/01/98 Reports Involving Allegations of Medical Neglect of an Infant with a Life Threatening Condition
CFOP 175-50 07/01/99 Visitation and Other Contact with Children in Shelter
CFOP 175-51 12/01/98 Manual Expunction of Florida Abuse Hotline Information System Records
CFOP 175-52 11/01/98 Relicensing Child-Placing Agencies
CFOP 175-54 10/10/97 Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
CFOP 175-55 10/10/97 Priority Placement under the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
CFOP 175-56 12/01/98 Reports Involving Families Residing on Federal Property
CFOP 175-57 04/01/99 Caller Identification
CFOP 175-58 11/01/98 Relicensing of Family Foster Homes and Emergency Shelter Care Homes
CFOP 175-59 08/19/97 Master Trust for Benefit of Family Safety and Preservation Program Clients
CFOP 175-60 06/01/99 State Institutional Claims for Damages Caused by Shelter or Foster Child
CFOP 175-61 04/01/99 Exit Interviews for Children in Shelter/Foster Care
CFOP 175-62 04/01/99 Expediting Permanency for Abandoned Infants
CFOP 175-64 04/30/02 Family Foster Home Waivers
CFOP 175-67 08/01/98 Finalized Adoption Cases and Automated System Client Identifiers
CFOP 175-69 01/23/98 Hospital/Emergency Room Child Abuse Reports
CFOP 175-70 03/13/00 Funeral Arrangements for Children in Foster Care
CFOP 175-71 01/06/03 Title IV-E Foster Care and Adoption Subsidy
CFOP 175-72 04/01/99 New Children In Families With Active Investigations or Case Services or Where Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights Has Occurred in the Past
CFOP 175-76 06/01/99 Employees Involved in Reports of Abuse, Neglect, Abandonment or Exploitation
CFOP 175-77 09/01/99 Wages/Hardship Exemption - Substitute Care Review
CFOP 175-79 05/19/01 Relative Caregiver Program
CFOP 175-80 11/15/99 Independent Living Services (Ages 16 to 21)
CFOP 175-81 11/15/99 Subsidized Independent Living (SIL)
CFOP 175-83 02/24/03 Identification of Children
CFOP 175-85 06/14/02 Prevention, Reporting and Services to Missing Children
CFOP 175-86 09/01/99 Dependency Court Intervention in Cases of Abuse or Neglect by Non-Custodial Parents
CFOP 175-88 03/08/99 The Prevention and Placement of Child Victims and Aggressors Involved in Child-On-Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Seduction or Exploitation in Substitute Care
CFOP 175-89 09/01/99 Filing of Petition for Release of Abuse Records to the Public
CFOP 175-90 10/01/99 "EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES" for Extension of Case Plans
CFOP 175-91 11/15/99 Abuse and Neglect Clearance of Informal Child Care Providers
CFOP 175-93 10/16/02 TANF Uses in Family Safety
CFOP 175-94 01/02/01 Direct Access to Information for Background/Criminal History Checks for Investigations, Emergency Placements, or Out of the Ordinary Circumstances
CFOP 175-96 10/15/02 Coordination of Services incl. Mental Health/Substance Abuse for Youth in the Care and Custody of the DCF and Served by the DJJ
CFOP 215-6 11/01/98 Incident Reporting and Client Risk Prevention
Administrative Rules Last Updated Includes the following from Policies and Procedures Chapters 64C & 65C
64C-8 05/07/96 Specific Standards for Child Protection Teams
64C-9 03/28/96 Sexual Abuse Treatment Program
65C-6 03/12/00 Domestic Violence
65C-9 05/02/96 Alien Children
65C-10 REPEALED 11/15/06 Child Protective Investigations
65C-11 REPEALED 11/15/06 Protective Services
65C-12 REPEALED 11/15/06 Emergency Shelter Care
65C-13  Overview, Rule 04/25/08 Substitute Care of Children
65C-14 11/30/97 Group Care
65C-15 12/04/97 Child-Placing Agencies
65C-16 12/23/97 Adoptions
65C-17 04/06/99 Master Trust
65C-20 01/04/01 Family Day Care Standards
65C-21 04/22/99 Subsidized Child Care
65C-22 04/02/02 Child Care Standards
65C-23 07/23/01 WAGES Hardship Exemption
65C-24 REPEALED 1/26/09 Relative Caregiver
65C-25 05/21/00 Specialized Child Care Facilities for the Care of Mildly-Ill Children
65C-28  Overview, Rule N/A Out of Home Care
65C-29  Overview, Rule N/A Protective Investigations
65C-30  Overview, Rule N/A General Child Welfare Provisions
65C-31  Overview, Rule N/A Services to Young Adults Formerly in the Custody of the Department
Statutes Last Updated Includes the following from Statutes and Constitutions in Legislature's Online Sunshine
Also available is the latest revision dated July 1, 2006 (posted 9/7/2006)
N/A Child Welfare
CH063 N/A Adoption
CH119 N/A Public Records
CH383 N/A Maternity and Infancy Hygiene
CH402 N/A Health and Human Services:Miscellaneous Provisions
CH409 N/A Social and Economic Assistance
CH415 N/A Protection from Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation
CH435 N/A Employment Screening
CH743 N/A Disability of Nonage of Minors Removed
CH827 N/A Abuse of Children