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Available Children in Sibling Groups

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Steven is a smart and bright child who does very well academically. He loves sports and playing with other boys his age. Steven can be helpful around the house, such as feeding the animals, doing yard work and fixing his own food. Steven takes some time to trust adults, to open up and talk about his feelings. He does well in homes that are structured, loving and have fair rules. Steven would probably grow in a traditional two-parent family that has children a little older than him. Steven likes large dogs. The family considering adopting Steven would need to be a family that is patient and able to delay gratification. The family would need to understand it would take a long time for Steven to show an attachment to them, and that he is likely not to engage with them or show affection easily. Steven would do best with a family that does activities together, talks to the kids about their feelings, understands Steven's strengths and limitations, and makes Steven feel comfortable instead of pressured. Kevin is a typical adolescent boy who is very sweet, friendly, and enjoyable to be around. He is a good-natured child who gets along well with others and will often compromise in order to keep the peace in friendships and other relationships. A family who can empower him to voice his thoughts and feelings would help him overcome some of the obstacles he's struggled with recently. Like many kids, he enjoys swimming, going to the park, and riding his bike, he has also recently expressed an interest in learning more about and playing football. He would benefit from a family who can help him overcome the adjustment difficulties he's had so far in his lifetime. An ideal family will be affectionate, loving, and attentive, which are all qualities that Kevin has as well!
This sibling group #41877 includes the following 2 children :
Age 13
ID# 11874657
Age 15
ID# 11650810

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Girls just wanna have fun! These girls are talented singers and songwriters. They long to be a part of a musical family who want to spend time together as a family and will help them achieve thier dream of becoming famous one day. Hannah and Victorious are very close and will be adopted together.
This sibling group #41962 includes the following 2 children :
Age 12
ID# 102754744
Age 16
ID# 7951294

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Jahmar is a Black male who was born September of 1999. Meet Jahmar, an energetic and curious young man. Jahmar needs to be adopted with his brother Jervon. Jahmar and Jervon has survived a lot in their young lives. Jahmar is involved with his religious community. He enjoys being involved in the church and he is also involved with big brother's program. Jahmar has an interest in basketball. Jahmar needs help with his educational goal, and he receives tutoring services. He catches on quickly and he is able to work well independently. Jahmar and Jervon need a loving family who can accept them for who they are while helping them reach their highest potential. Jervon is a Black male who was born August of 1997. Jervon can charm you like no one else. Jervon loves to eat, and sometimes needs assistance with eating healthy foods and control. He needs to be adopted with his brother, Jahmar. Jervon has greatly improved with his grades, and does well academically. Jervon enjoys basketball, and going to church. He also has participated in the big brother mentoring program.
This sibling group #42302 includes the following 2 children :
Age 17
ID# 102412538
Age 15
ID# 102412539

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Sierra and Michael are a happy and loving sibling group. Unlike many siblings, they get along very well with each other and have a close sibling bond. Sierra is a sweet girl who responds well to others and is a joy to be around. Sierra loves the outdoors and gardening. She would love to have her own garden to tend to. Sierra's personality is bubbly and contagious. She is very talkative and friendly. Michael is a sweet kids with a wonderful personality. He is a curious child and is always asking questions to expand his knowledge of things. He is very talkative and loves being around others. Michael loves to ride ATVs and is hoping for a family that loves outside activities. These children love animals and the outdoors. Michael and Sierra do still have contact and overnight visits with their grandmother and great grandmother. They are looking for a family that will allow them to continue to have contact with both grandmothers. Sierra and Michael are need a family who will provide guidance as they enter their teen years and help them to gain the skills necessary to have a happy and stable life as they grow and mature.
This sibling group #42317 includes the following 2 children :
Age 15
ID# 10493277
Age 13
ID# 10271874

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Ricky and Nicholas are siblings who would like to be adopted together. Ricky: Ricky is a handsome and talkative young man. He enjoys playing football, basketball and boxing. He states that he is a fast runner. He also likes playing video games. His favorite NFL team is the Miami Dolphins. His favorite subject in school is math and his least favorite is reading. After high school, Ricky would like to go to college and wants to eventually join the Army. Ricky's nick name is "Red" because his favorite color is red and that is usually the color he wears. Ricky's friends would describe him as "cool" and he describes himself as a serious person. Nicholas: Nicholas, who goes by Nick, is also a very handsome young man who takes after his big brother. Nick is at first quiet when meeting new people; however, Ricky says that Nick is usually the talkative one. Nick likes playing football and video games and is a fast runner just like his brother. His favorite college football teams are the Auburn Tigers and the LSU Tigers. His favorite subject in school is math and his least are science and history. Nick would like to go to college after high school and then join the Army. His favorite foods are shrimp fried rice and sushi. Nick's friends also describe him as "cool" and he likes to joke around a lot.
This sibling group #41694 includes the following 2 children :
Age 13
ID# 12066492
Age 15
ID# 10554625

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