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Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Shawmen and Shawlen both share the same bright dream for their future - to become doctors and lawyers. Like two peas in a pod, Shawmen and Shawlen are very similar and love many of the same things. Though they were born a year apart, they enjoy acting like twins. Shawmen's (the oldest) favorite subject is math and she is proud that she has made it to the 6th grade. Shawlen likes reading and names Orlando as her favorite place to visit. These young ladies love talking and like dancing to R & B and hip-hop music, and are both big fans of Beyonce, Nikki Minaj and Chris Brown. Shawmen enjoys going to Chinese restaurants and both girls love dogs. Shawmen wants her future family to know that she doesn't like having her heart broken and wants to be part of a loving family. Shawlen wants her future family to know that she is smart and caring, and hopes to be in a home with a mom, dad and other siblings. Shawmen and Shawlen love each other dearly, and are looking for a family that will love them as much as they love each other. Both girls agree that a loving, Christian family would be their ideal.
This sibling group #19222 includes the following 2 children :
Age 15
ID# 11956991
Age 15
ID# 11940565

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Janiya and Tommie will light up your life! These two children are full of energy, and love interaction with others. They want to have a family to love them and be active with. They will do much better in a small classroom or homeschool environment. They are helpful at home and enjoy taking part in family activities and even cleaning up the house. Tommie & Janiya enjoy almost any activity with their family. The children cannot be placed with any younger children and will need a family that is wiling to give the children a very structured environment. Both children learn at their pace and will need addition assistance with daily tasks as well as strong advocates in school. Janiya also has medical needs that will need to continue to be followed. Janiya and Tommie would do best in a experienced, two parent family that will give them the structure and stability they so very much need. These two adorable children have the greatest smiles and want a forever family.
This sibling group #19607 includes the following 2 children :
Age 10
ID# 10499410
Age 12
ID# 10480878

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Jermaine is described as a sensitive and compassionate child. He is shy and quiet at first, but once he feels comfortable, will engage in lengthy conversations. Jermaine is an active boy and enjoys playing and being involved in physical activities. Jermaine has participated on baseball and football teams and would like to continue being active. Jermaine also enjoys family gatherings, going to church, playing video games and going out to eat. Jermaine enjoys being part of a family and assisting in hand on activities around the house. He cherishes having visits with his three siblings and hope to one day live with them all again. Jermaine is a loving child who craves a family that will accept him for who he is and encourage him to make positive decisions in life. Jermaine would do best in a family that is willing and able to provide him and his three siblings the love and support they will need to heal from their past and live the life they deserve. Jermaine enjoys his teachers and learning. He also enjoys being active and playing anything outside. Jequan is described as "very lovable." He has a good sense of humor and likes to be silly. Jequan is seen as being friendly, polite and outgoing. He enjoys playing card games and loves to be outside playing any type of ball game. Jequan is a very bright and intelligent child. He does well academically. Jequan craves to be in a family with his siblings. He enjoys the visiting his with his siblings, but would love to be in a PERMANENT family and live with his brothers. Jequan would do well in an active family. A family that is able to understand the trauma he and his siblings have endured, yet not let their past define their future. Jequan would benefit from a patient, stable and flexible family that is able to assist Jequan with his special needs. Jequan enjoys spending time with family and being involved in outings. Photo courtesy of the Children's Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay, photographed by Ryan Joseph
This sibling group #19625 includes the following 2 children :
Age 14
ID# 10095001
Age 15
ID# 10689571

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Jicarri is a friendly, active and handsome boy. His talent is that he is an entertainer who enjoys performing for others by singing to pop songs. He loves to have lots of friends and attending school. He loves to play outdoors and spending time with his best friend, his older sister Josy. They have a close and strong bond to one another. Josy is a sweet, active and lovely girl. She loves to work hard at school and playing with her toys. She loves to watch television, especially the Disney Channel. These wonderful siblings are looking for a forever family that will give them stability and love. Both children will thrive in a two parent family will provide them with structure, consistency and lots of love.
This sibling group #19711 includes the following 2 children :
Age 12
ID# 12654664
Age 14
ID# 12648955

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Twins, Tristan and Xavier are a very attractive sibling group in need of a unconditionally committed adoptive family. Although both of these young men has had his share of challenges, each is working hard to do his best. They all have mixed feelings about adoption so their adoptive family will have to be very patient and accepting while they learn to trust them and accept that they really want to share their lives with them. Both of these young men have the potential to do well and in the right active and loving family, they will have the supports they need to reach their goals and their adoptive family will no doubt, be able to be proud of what they help them each accomplish. Tristan and Xavier were born in February 1998.
This sibling group #24632 includes the following 2 children :
Age 16
ID# 10406541
Age 16
ID# 10637652

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