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Available Children in Sibling Groups

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Briyonna is a beautiful African-American female. She likes to read and dance. Bryionna has a very vibrant personality and she is a leader in any environment that she's placed. Bryionna enjoys playing with her younger sister Akeela. She would love a forever family that will provide a loving home for her and her sister Akeela. Akeela is also a beautiful African-American female. Akeela is very attached to her older sister, Briyonna. So, they will need a forever family that will be able to care for both of them. Akeela likes to color and enjoys singing. She excels in school and her favorite subject in school is reading.
This sibling group #38253 includes the following 2 children :
Age 10
ID# 10319058
Age 8
ID# 10760020

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Zaedin and Elijah are the perfect dynamic duo! Elijah is a shy, quiet child who might need some extra reassurance to warm up and Zaedin is an outgoing chatterbox who might talk your ear off! These boys are truly bonded to each other and have sisters that they would like to remain in contact with after they are adopted by their forever family. Both boys do well in school academically but still benefit from a few extra supports. Sports are a great outlet for these boys who have energy typical of boys this age. Elijah and Zaedin would love a family that can give them time and attention, the boys can play well and entertain themselves some but the watchful eye of a parent is always good because sometime their competitive nature gets the best of them!
This sibling group #38363 includes the following 2 children :
Age 9
ID# 11557093
Age 13
ID# 10781403

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Jelani is an African american male born April of 2008. Jelani is an adorable little boy that loves to play and have fun. He has a sister, Jianna, who was born August of 2010. Like many siblings,Jelani likes to take things from Jianna, but he loves his little sister. He loves to play with her and watch cartoons. Jelani will have some special educational needs in the future. Jelani has had medical issues in the past and he is recovering from these issues and he is stable. Jelani and Jianna need a family willing to keep them together and meet their educational, emotional and medical needs. Jianna is an African American female born August of 2010. Meet Jianna, an adorable little girl that loves to explore her world, and climb and jump. Jianna has an older brother, Jelani that she needs to be adopted with. Jelani was born April of 2008. Jianna can be sweet and charming but also very independant. Jianna loves playing with her older brother, even though he tries to take things from her. Jianna loves to watch the cartoon Doc McStuffins. Jianna has some special medical needs that will require monitoring and follow up medical appointments. Jianna and Jelani need a committed family that will help them overcome their issues, and love them unconditionally.
This sibling group #39515 includes the following 2 children :
Age 4
ID# 101570037
Age 6
ID# 101570036

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Javohntay is a fashionable, sweet girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She enjoys listening to music, visiting with her sister and talking on the phone. Her favorite color is red. She loves to dance, sing, and practice cheers in her spare time. She also enjoys going skating, going to the movies, shopping, and out to eat. Javohntay is making above average grades in school. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite candy is gum. Javeda is a thirteen-year old, African-American female who appears bright and happy. She is very interested in her appearance so her clothes, hair, and hygiene are well cared for. Javeda is interested in stylish clothes and accessories. She has tested with a full scale IQ of 50 placing her in the moderate mental retardation range. She appears socially to be more advance on one level since she can talk and carry on a pleasant conversation but the she focuses on things that seem younger than her age.
This sibling group #40155 includes the following 2 children :
Age 14
ID# 3266540
Age 15
ID# 7956538

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
This sibling group is in need of a forever family that is outgoing and active in the children's lifes. Both children are eager to find a family that is loving and caring. Corderio is a fun loving and intelligent child. He wants to go to college to become a Marine Biologist and has definitely set that goal for himself. He wants to be involved in the adoption process and is eager to be part of a forever family. Corderio has sibling connections in the area so he would like to remain local. Kevin is a outgoing teen who enjoys being the life of the party. His personality is very outgoing and talkative. Kevin is a sweet young man who is eager to find a forever family. Kevin enjoys playing various sports and is a strong bond with his older brother.
This sibling group #39097 includes the following 2 children :
Age 17
ID# 11769606
Age 14
ID# 11248138

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