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Available Children in Sibling Groups

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Destinie is the "baby" of the family. Her open, friendly personality makes those around her feel welcome and cared for, and her subtle charm is completely endearing. If she had the choice, Destinie would read all day long, maybe taking a small break for an impromptu dance or singing session. Last year she won Battle of the Books, and she's already started reading the books for this year! If Destinie could have one super power, it would be "to make everything fair,". With her strong will and motivation, Tikenya has the personality of a natural born leader. But of all her wonderful qualities, the one that shines above the rest is her kind heart, especially when it comes to her siblings. For fun, she enjoys singing and dancing, and she's a very intelligent young lady. Although she's had more to overcome than most kids her age, Tikenya keeps the light in her heart burning strong, and like her sibling, looks forward to being a part of a loving family. Here are twobeautiful girls, brimming with potential. All they need is a loving and active home, where they'll have the support to nudge them in the right direction, and the encouragement to share in their accomplishments.
This sibling group #32779 includes the following 2 children :
Age 15
ID# 12372455
Age 13
ID# 11928464

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
This is a tenacious sibling group of three! Martin, the oldest of this sibling group, is a young man who is very artistic. Martin could use a great role model to help keep him focused on his future goals and to help him work through life's frustrations. He has recently taken up art and golf as a way to express himself and work on his inner focus. Martin is a very good big brother and really does take pride in being someone that his younger siblings can look up. Solomon is a quiet young man. He is very introverted and can be withdrawn when he is upset about something. Solomon is very easy going. Solomon struggles somewhat with interpreting the information he receives from the world around him and he would benefit from a family that is patience and willing to take the time to make sure he understands things. Solomon is bonded with his siblings and has enjoyed being able to live with them and grow up with them. Solomon is more of the peace keeper of the sibling group. Iyanna is a very active and outgoing little year old girl. Of all the siblings, she is the most exciting and boisterous of the bunch! Iyanna is the typical baby of the family and is still learning that she can't always have things just as she wants them (even though she'll try and persuade you otherwise)! When she is happiest, she will sing and do cartwheels. Iyanna loves being outside and this should be encouraged for her to let out all of her energy. Iyanna also loves animals and is very good with them. For more information about this wonderful group of kids, please call Brandi Carter 813-310-0863.
This sibling group #33547 includes the following 2 children :
Age 12
ID# 12140454
Age 17
ID# 11242679

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Meet two great guys, Ty & Dakota. Grejarious (Ty) is described as quiet, polite, sweet, friendly, and athletic. Grejarious is well liked by both his peers and caregivers. He follows rules and respects boundaries. Ty is a good eater and will often want 2-3 helpings. He recently made honor roll and won an award. Ty enjoys spending free time fishing, bowling, playing video games and watching comedies. This natural athlete currently plays football in the local league. Dakota enjoys fishing, playing with nerf guns, building with Legos, watching cartoons and playing basketball. His favorite team to watch is The Miami Heat. He recently won awards in spelling and physical education and made honor roll. Dakota is neat, polite and follows rules well. These brothers need to stay together in their forever family.
This sibling group #36296 includes the following 2 children :
Age 12
ID# 12598425
Age 14
ID# 12595573

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
If there ever were two close-knit siblings, Malik and big sister, Kyla, are it! Kyla is doing very well in school, excelling in writing and science. While she doesn't quite know what she wants to do later in life, she's clear about her desire to have a happy home with her brother, Malik.
This sibling group #36498 includes the following 2 children :
Age 11
ID# 12419935
Age 13
ID# 12403837

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Shawmen and Shawlen both share the same bright dream for their future - to become doctors and lawyers. Like two peas in a pod, Shawmen and Shawlen are very similar and love many of the same things. Though they were born a year apart, they enjoy acting like twins. Shawmen's (the oldest) favorite subject is math and she is proud that she has made it to the 6th grade. Shawlen likes reading and names Orlando as her favorite place to visit. These young ladies love talking and like dancing to R & B and hip-hop music, and are both big fans of Beyonce, Nikki Minaj and Chris Brown. Shawmen enjoys going to Chinese restaurants and both girls love dogs. Shawmen wants her future family to know that she doesn't like having her heart broken and wants to be part of a loving family. Shawlen wants her future family to know that she is smart and caring, and hopes to be in a home with a mom, dad and other siblings. Shawmen and Shawlen love each other dearly, and are looking for a family that will love them as much as they love each other. Both girls agree that a loving, Christian family would be their ideal.
This sibling group #19222 includes the following 2 children :
Age 15
ID# 11940565
Age 16
ID# 11956991

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