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Available Children in Sibling Groups

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Jicarri is a friendly, active and handsome boy. His talent is that he is an entertainer who enjoys performing for others by singing to pop songs. He loves to have lots of friends and attending school. He loves to play outdoors and spending time with his best friend, his older sister Josy. They have a close and strong bond to one another. Josy is a sweet, active and lovely girl. She loves to work hard at school and playing with her toys. She loves to watch television, especially the Disney Channel. These wonderful siblings are looking for a forever family that will give them stability and love. Both children will thrive in a two parent family will provide them with structure, consistency and lots of love.
This sibling group #19711 includes the following 2 children :
Age 13
ID# 12654664
Age 14
ID# 12648955

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Twins, Tristan and Xavier are a very attractive sibling group in need of a unconditionally committed adoptive family. Although both of these young men has had his share of challenges, each is working hard to do his best. They all have mixed feelings about adoption so their adoptive family will have to be very patient and accepting while they learn to trust them and accept that they really want to share their lives with them. Both of these young men have the potential to do well and in the right active and loving family, they will have the supports they need to reach their goals and their adoptive family will no doubt, be able to be proud of what they help them each accomplish. Tristan and Xavier were born in February 1998.
This sibling group #24632 includes the following 2 children :
Age 17
ID# 10637652
Age 17
ID# 10406541

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Keyvon is a wonderful African American young man born February 2000. He is very handsome with black hair and has a pair of the most beautiful eyes you'll ever see. His hobbies are playing video games, board games, and football, swimming and riding his bike. Trequan is an African American male with black hair and brown eyes. He was born June 2001. He enjoys playing and participating in sports and playing video games. Trequan is the youngest of his siblings and plays the part of being the baby. He loves to be hugged and kissed and showered with affection. Keyvon and Trequan would best fit with a family that is active and loves to cheer them on.
This sibling group #25915 includes the following 2 children :
Age 15
ID# 100882608
Age 13
ID# 100883203

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Devin and Katrina would benefit from an adoptive family who can provide both of these children with structure, understanding, and love. It would be great if the family learn and understand Devin's special needs and how to meet them. Katrina would do well in a happy home where there are social opportunities, a place to develop her artistic talents, and nurturing parents.The children have just experienced an adoption disappointment and need a family that will be understanding of that situation.
This sibling group #26553 includes the following 2 children :
Age 14
ID# 10423853
Age 12
ID# 11073183

Image of the kids in this sibling group Description :
Dontrell is described as a "very sweet and energetic little boy that loves to dance to hip-hop music and loves to make others smile and laugh. Dontrell hates it when he disappoints people." Dontrell is described as "a people-pleaser and he likes to be praised and told he's done something good." Dontrell enjoys making other people laugh is not afraid to do anything! Dontrell is a child that loves to watch TV ("Sponge Bob Square Pants" is the fave) or loves to play outside or to visit water parks. Dontrell would like to be a firefighter when he grows up. Dontrell described a perfect day as one in which he is "outside running around with friends playing games." Reanna is a 9-year-old brown-eyed, brown-haired, light-complexioned African American girl of corresponding height and weight, that is described as, "a spunky little young lady. She loves to know what's going on around her and enjoys showing people what she can do." Reanna likes pizza and the color blue, and she loves all animals - she wants to become a veterinarian when she grows up - but would like the change to have a dog in particular at this point in time. Reanna's favorite school subject is math, and in her recreational time she likes to watch television (Disney Channel and Nickelodeon are favorites), play outside, listen to music and dance. Reanna particularly "loves doing other girls' hair like braiding it or putting it up." Reanna likes to play difficult games that are a challenge. Reanna looks for friends, "that are nice to" her, and she perceives herself as a loyal friend and a happy person. Both Reanna and Dontrell are looking for parents who will love and support them, and who will be their "forever family."
This sibling group #31156 includes the following 2 children :
Age 8
ID# 12569908
Age 12
ID# 11946367

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