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Mez Pierre:

Mez Pierre with Governor Crist

Mez Pierre will not be considered another statistic. He strives to be a leader, a motivator, a visionary, and a man with a successful future.

Mez grew up in foster care, a child of the state from age five until he “aged out” at eighteen. Never to be one that has been pigeon holed he’s worked diligently to overcome these beginnings. He found the road to maturity to be full of twists, turns, and even a few potholes. He credits his ability to make it thus far in his faith in God and the solid group of people that’s surrounded and mentored him.

He is now a sophomore at Broward College working on his Associates in Criminal Justice with plans on pursuing his J.D. in law. Currently he plans on minoring in history as he finds it interesting how history often repeats itself.

Mez has found that his passion and conviction for others is evident by his job at 4Kids of South Florida and Forever Family. "I love every moment of it," he says about helping others. Mez has helped to establish a Broward Chapter of Florida Youth SHINE and currently sits on the Board.

Always the multifaceted person, Mez writes and records music for local producers in various genres and has even been featured on a few popular hip/hop artists albums.

A bright future seems evident as Mez continues to stay active in the political arena. Having recently worked on the Education/Records Bill which was signed into law by Governor Charlie Crist on May 14 2009. This legislation provides former foster children access to personal records and ensures appropriate educational services for children with disabilities. He also had the opportunity to meet Secretary of State Hillary Clinton while advocating in Washington D.C. and hopes to work with her on issues surrounding foster care and adoption issues in the future.