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Mega Sessions

Accountability for All

Dr. Jamie Self, Department of Children and Families, Family Safety and Community Services, Director

Our social services responses should be planned and delivered in a manner that addresses the true needs of families and positions them to achieve independence from government assistance when possible.  What does that mean for the professionals who work with families?  Learn how Florida’s model for a family-centered casework practice reinforces the important principles of family accountability in setting up parents for success.  Judges,advocates, investigators, case managers, treatment providers and other key stakeholders have the power to work together and improve the lives of those served.

Call Center to Command Center

Scott Stewart, Department of Children and Families, Chief Information Officer

Florida’s Abuse Hotline is undergoing an exciting transformation from operating as a call center to a high-tech command center.  Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about new standards of technological excellence under development to better serve our vulnerable children and adults.  There are many complexities to the 24/7 management of the Hotline --- from the intake and proper assessment of information that prompts a child or adult protective investigation to the criminal records screening and case assignment ---  we will feature many of the efficiencies planned that will enable our first responders to be fully informed about an individual or family when an investigation is commenced.

Connecting Communities with Children

John F. Davis, Department of Children and Families, Director of External Affairs

Through the creation of the Office of External Affairs, the Department is embarking on a mission to achieve new standards of engagement with local non-profit, corporate and public partnerships.  Many exciting new advancements have been implemented such as the Camps for Champions, projects with the Urban League and the Youth Empowerment Initiatives.  Learn what is on the horizon to create sustainable collaborations in our communities around the state.  Everyone can play a role in harnessing the richness of local talent and resources that grow healthy communities for our children.

Case Management Integration

Nancy Dreicer, Department of Children and Families, Director, Northeast Region  

Effective communication is a significant requirement to effective teaming on cases among stakeholders involved with a family.  A significant project is being undertaken to open new communication flows and information systems that will lead to new standards of excellence in how professionals team together to make decisions about the safety and risk of children and how best to serve and support their parents and caretakers.  This workshop focuses on children involved in the dependency system and the design of a new approach for alerting investigators, caseworkers, advocates and others on the safety and well being of children served.

CPI Investigation Redesign

John Cooper, Department of Children and Families, Director, Central Region

How we prepare and support out child protection investigators today is undergoing major change.  We have long-recognized the need to empower front-line staff through the deliberate redesign of our resources and expectations --- this administration has embarked on a transformative approach to achieve the goal of evolving to a world-class system of child protection.  Through the in-depth analysis of today’s management and operation of child protective duties, meaningful modifications will lead to the professionalization of duties and greatly enhance assessment capacities.

Building the Path: From Teen to Adult

Mary Cagle, Children's Legal Services, Director

What would our systems of care look like if set a goal of making certain that no teen in foster care experienced a transition to adulthood without a supportive, permanent family?  This session explores how every professional involved in the dependency system plays a key role in achieving permanency for teens in care.  Particular attention is focused on the academic and social achievements of our youth.  Listen to the advice of youth who have aged out of care and engage in this interactive session on the power of delivering to teens the promise of a future filled with hope, support and love.