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Everybody's a Teacher

Circuit 5

Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion and Sumter counties.

DCIP 1/21/11 Meeting Follow-Up/Notes

Thank you from Phillip Scarpelli and staff.

Presenters from L to R: Audrey O'Connell/The Centers, Darlene Bell-Alexander/Children's Legal Services, Phil Scarpelli/C5, James Grant/The Centers, and Carolyn Walker/Kids Central.

There were approximately 30 participants at the meeting and they were receptive and very engaged during the presentation, as Phil notes in his thank you. The presentation was started with the video, which sets the stage very well for this initiative.

We learned that there are already avenues of communication that are opened up with our schools, i.e. each FCM supervisor has a school/schools that they are assigned to work with to assist with any problems on the FCM's caseload. This piece of information alone was very helpful to learn and I will be sure to provide this information to the other attorneys in the office. There was also a suggestion that the Academic Success Plan be included in each child's Blue Book when completed. The Family Early Engagement Team program (FEET) led by Audrey O'Connell, holds great promise as an avenue where we can collect valuable academic information for each child very early on in the process.

The next step is to touch bases with KCI on the Education Summit piece. A conference call with Irene Rickus is scheduled regarding the Inter-Agency Agreement and reach out to those that signed the planning committee sign-up sheet.