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Circuit 9

Orange and Osceola counties.

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Demographics of Children Served
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Action plans will be developed by each county-level team during their upcoming respective meetings. Use this Suggested Activity-Action Plan template from the Everybody's a Teacher backpack.

Circuit 9 Meeting Notes/Minutes

Circuit 9 Educational Summit - “Everybody’s a Teacher” - Improving Education for Children in Foster Care Agenda.

Educational Summit Roll -up

Click Here is the roll- up from the C9 Educational Summit held last month at Osceola County Extension Services. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each of you again for your active participation in the summit. The content from the respective break out sessions would not have been possible without your input. Our next steps are to develop action plans and identify champions to address the issues identified during the summit. My hope is that each of you will continue to be involved in your respective areas.

The following link will take you to the Center for Advancement of Child Welfare Practice. (You may have to cut and paste into your web browser). On their site they have a lot of educational resources as well as links to other sites.

Ways to become involved and/or to assist

  • Be a Guardian Ad Litem; and if you are already a GAL, get trained to be an education advocate called a surrogate.
  • Tutor a child in foster care.
  • Collect early reading books and donate them or better yet set up a program with your local foster care agency to read to the youngest children in care.
  • Help at your local school in whatever way they might need,
  • Plan an enrichment activity for a child or children living in your community. For example, some children have never been to a library, do not have a library card and do not know how to use a library; you can help plan and arrange a program at your local library.
  • Join your local PTA and assist them in identifying and meeting the needs of children in care who attend your school. You may not be told which child or children are in foster care in a group setting like this, but you can learn about the needs.
  • Assist the local Independent Living Program for young people who have turned 18 and are living on their own after foster care. The Independent Living Program staff can help you find a way to help.
  • Mentor a child in care or at risk of coming into care.