Education Initiative

The goal of the Education Initiative lead by the Department of Children and Families and community partners is to improve educational outcomes for children and youth in the foster care system and young adults transitioning to adulthood. We have made significant progress on this initiative by designing a Report Card for our children in care in grades K-12. Our case management agencies are doing a phenomenal job submitting the report cards. We also have secured a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliant template to begin discussing electronic data sharing with each of the county school districts. The progress has been great, although, we still have many steps left to improve the educational outcomes for all the children in our care.

The Education Initiative has created two new workgroups to further the work of this initiative:

  • Early Learning Workgroup

    young child paintingThe Early Learning Workgroup is charged with designing the domains that will be tracked for Early Learning for children from birth to age five. This age range of children currently makes up around 50% of the children in our care. It is imperative that we work toward improving the outcomes for these children during this crucial time of development in their lives.
    Early Learning (0-5) Workgroup Members

  • Post-Secondary Education Workgroup

    young adults sitting at a picnic tableThe Post-Secondary Education Workgroup is charged with designing the domains to track Post-Secondary measures for our Independent Living youth. These youth are at a crucial time in their lives and continue to need our guidance as they make the transition into adulthood. It is critical that we continue to track their educational outcomes and keep them on the right track to becoming successful adults.
    Post-Secondary Workgroup Members

  • Workgroup Meetings

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