Department Initiatives

Sunset Review
Agency Report to the Legislature
July 1, 2008

Parts of the Report
Cover Letter, June 26, 2008

Agency Validation Statement

Table of Contents
  1. Agency Programs
  2. Agency Performance
  3. Compliance
  4. Alternative Program Delivery Options
Full Report
  1. Agency Programs
    1. Agency Mission and Organization Pages 4 through 7
    2. A list of all advisory committees, including those established in statute and those established by managerial initiative; their purpose, activities, composition, and related expenses; the extent to which their purposes have been achieved; and the rationale for continuing or eliminating each advisory committee. (s. 11.906(15), Florida Statutes) Pages 8 through 26
    3. Agency Funding Pages 27 through 96
    4. The effect of federal intervention or loss of federal funds if the agency, program, or activity is abolished. (s. 11.906(14), Florida Statutes) Pages 97 through 114
    5. A statement of any statutory objectives intended for each program and activity, the problem or need that the program and activity were intended to address, and the extent to which these objectives have been achieved. (s. 11.906(6), Florida Statutes)
      Pages 115 through 154
    6. An assessment of the extent to which the jurisdiction of the agency and its programs overlap or duplicate those of other agencies and the extent to which the program can be consolidated with those of other agencies. (s. 11.906(7), Florida Statutes) Pages 155 through 158
    7. Agency programs or functions that are performed without specific statutory authority. (s. 11.906(16), Florida Statutes)
      Pages 159 through 162
  2. Agency Performance
    1. The performance measures for each program and activity as provided in s.216.011, Florida Statutes, and three (3) years of data for each measure that provides actual results for the immediately preceding two (2) years and projected results for the current fiscal year. (s. 11.906(1), Florida Statutes) Page 163
    2. An explanation of factors that have contributed to any failure to achieve the approved standards. (s. 11.906(2), Florida Statutes) Pages 163 through 187
    3. The process by which an agency actively measures quality and efficiency of services it provides to the public. (s. 11.906(10), Florida Statutes) Pages 188 through 191
    4. The promptness and effectiveness with which the agency disposes of complaints concerning persons affected by the agency. (s. 11.906(3), Florida Statutes) Page 192
    5. An assessment of the extent to which the agency has corrected deficiencies and implemented recommendations contained in reports of the Auditor General, the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, legislative interim studies, and federal audit entities. (s. 11.906(9), Florida Statutes) Pages 193 through 245.
  3. Compliance
    1. The extent to which the agency has encouraged participation by the public in making its rules and decisions as opposed to participation solely by those it regulates and the extent to which public participation has resulted in rules compatible with the objectives of the agency. (s. 11.906(4), Florida Statutes) Pages 246 through 247
    2. The extent to which the agency complies with public records and public meetings requirements under Chapters 119 and 286, Florida Statutes, and s. 24, Article 1 of the State Constitution. (s. 11.906(11), Florida Statutes) Page 248
    3. The extent to which the agency has complied with applicable requirements of state law and applicable rules regarding purchasing goals and programs for small and minority-owned businesses. (s. 11.906(5), Florida Statutes) Page 249
  4. Alternative Program Delivery Options
    1. An assessment of less restrictive or alternative methods of providing services for which the agency is responsible which would reduce costs or improve performance while adequately protecting the public. (s. 11.906(8), Florida Statutes)
      Page 250
    2. The extent to which alternative program delivery options, such as privatization, outsourcing, or insourcing, have been considered to reduce costs or improve services to state residents. (s. 11.906(12), Florida Statutes)
      Pages 250 through 260
    3. Recommendations to the Committee for statutory, budgetary, or regulatory changes that would improve the quality and efficiency of services delivered to the public, reduce costs, or reduce duplication. (s. 11.906(13), Florida Statutes)
      Pages 261 through 269

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