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Welcome to Children and Families' Plain Language Web Site!

The Department of Children and Families and other state agencies reviewed all communication and customer service methods to make sure we communicate clearly with the people we serve.

The Department of Children and Families understands the importance of speaking and writing in plain language. We are excited about communicating plainly and effectively with the people we aim to serve.

So what is plain language?
Plain language is understood the first time you read or hear it. It is clear, concise, easy to read and use. There is no defined style for plain language. It just means speaking and writing plainly so that all can understand!

Plain language is part of good customer service and helps readers understand documents quickly and easily. It gets the message across in the shortest time possible. If your document gives good instructions, readers are more likely to understand them and follow them correctly.

How can I get more information about plain language?
Several links are provided for you to learn more about plain language. You will also find examples of what documents looked like before and after they were improved with plain language.