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June 18, 2008 (850) 488-4855


Regarding additional appropriations for adoption subsidies, Florida’s Independent Living program and all-in-one hand held case management devices

“With the passage of this crucial amendment today the Legislative Budget Commission has taken a giant step toward current and future adoption subsidies, the Independent Living Program and the development of time saving technology that will hold Florida’s child protection system more accountable. Their actions prove their commitment to Florida’s most vulnerable children and families, especially during this difficult economic time.

“As a result, children waiting to be adopted will have permanent, loving homes and more Florida families considering adoption can pursue that dream. Young adults leaving foster care without permanent families will have the funding necessary for continued education and stable housing instead of facing the streets alone at the age of 18 without any family or support. And caseworkers, striving to meet the increasing demands for protective and family services throughout the state will be better equipped to serve Florida’s families.

“With the passage of this amendment, Florida’s Legislature is creating opportunities for families to become whole, young adults to grow successfully into independence and child welfare professionals to succeed amongst swelling caseloads, despite the many economic hardships that surround us.”


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