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November 7, 2006 850-488-4855

- Sweeping changes to Florida's publicly-funded mental health system are outlined on the site -

TALLAHASSEE - Department of Children and Families (DCF) Secretary Lucy D. Hadi today announced the creation of a Web site that allows Floridians to easily access information on transformation of the state's mental health system to a consumer and family-driven system that embraces prevention, recovery and resiliency.

The Web site,, provides public access to publications, information, and programs and services available statewide under the newly transformed system.

Transformation includes the additional services and supports for persons with mental illness, consumers and their families that are tailored to individual specific choices and needs in the recovery process. The new treatment model allows mental health consumers more input and involvement in making decisions concerning treatment options, which in the past were made solely by a doctor or medical professional.

"We want all Floridians to be aware that transformation is providing hope of recovery for individuals with mental health issues," said Secretary Hadi. "We are excited about this new Web site, because it will provide a portal through which the public can view the changes taking place throughout the state."

Mental health transformation is changing the public's perception of what people with mental illnesses and children with emotional disturbances are capable of achieving as they recover their roles in families, communities and workplaces.

For more details on how the transformation will affect your area, the new Web site is available at Or to provide suggestions or ask questions, contact the Department of Children and Families, Mental Health Transformation Coordinator at (850) 410-1182.


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