Food For Florida (FFF)

How To Apply

To qualify for Food For Florida:
  • Must not currently be receiving benefits through the regular Food Assistance Program
  • Must have been living or working in the disaster area at the time of the disaster
  • Eligible individuals and families must have suffered a disaster-related loss, such as damage to their homes or self-employment property, loss of food, reduction or loss of income, or have incurred other disaster related expenses.
  • Authorized Representative Information
  • General Eligibility Requirements
How To Apply:
  1. Complete the on-line Food For Florida pre-registration by clicking on the "Apply Online Now" link below.


  2. Visit a Food For Florida site in your area. You can check for dates, times and locations by visiting the site locations page. Only head of household should come for an interview to reduce the length of lines and wait.

  3. After your Food for Florida application is processed, your September benefits will be available within 72 hours, and your October benefits will be available 5-7 days later.