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Please check the following:

1. Pop Up Blockers - If you have a popup blocker, it MUST be disabled. If you have one of the browsers below you can check the popup blocker information on their websites:
  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Safari
  3. Firefox
  4. AOL
  5. Netscape
  6. MSN Toolbar
  7. Google Toolbar
  8. Yahoo Toolbar

2. JavaScript Settings -
  1. Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, and Vista:
    1. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options
    2. Select the Security tab
    3. Click the Custom Level button
    4. Scroll to the Scripting section
    5. Under Active Scripting, select the Enable option
    6. Click OK
    7. Click the Yes button
    8. Click OK
    9. On your toolbar, click the Refresh button
  2. Firefox:
    1. Select Options from the Tools menu
    2. Click Content
    3. Check Enable JavaScript
    4. Click OK then click the Reload button
  3. AOL:
    1. Click My AOL
    2. Click Preferences
    3. Click WWW
    4. Click the Security tab
    5. Click Custom
    6. Click Settings
    7. Scroll down to locate Scripting
    8. Click Enable for Active Scripting
    9. Click OK, then click the Reload button
  4. Safari:
    1. Go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences
    2. Click on the Security tab where you'll see the Enable JavaScript option
    3. Check it to turn JavaScript on
    4. When you are done just close the window

3. Internet Explorer Settings -
  1. Open an Internet Explorer (IE) browser window. On the top of the open window, click on Tools and select Internet Options.
  2. Make sure 'Days to Keep Pages in History' is set to at least to 1 (not zero).
  3. Clear History- click YES or OK.
  4. Delete cookies- click YES or OK. Delete Files (Temporary Internet files)- check box to delete all offline content- Click YES or OK.
  5. Click on the Settings box to the right of Delete Cookies and Delete Files- verify 'Every Visit to the Page' is selected/bulleted and set amount of Disk Space to 1000 MB- Click YES or OK.
  6. On the Security Tab, make sure Active X Controls designated as 'signed' or 'safe' are set enable; make sure Active X Controls designated and 'unsigned' or 'un-safe' are set to prompt.
  7. Change Microsoft VM JAVA Permissions from High Safety to Medium Safety. Click OK and then click YES, you are sure you wish to reset security settings.
  8. Click on the Privacy Tab and make sure it is set to Medium.
  9. On the Connections Tab, click on LAN Settings box and make sure automatically detect settings' is selected and 'Use Proxy Server' is un-checked. Click OK.
  10. On the Advanced Tab under the Browsing section, make sure 'Reuse windows for launching shortcuts' is un-checked. Also under the Browsing section, make sure 'Display Notification about every Script error' is un-checked. Under the Microsoft VM section, made sure 'JIT compiler for virtual machine' is checked. Also on the Advanced Tab, under the Security section made sure that 'Do not save encrypted pages to disk' is un-checked and that 'Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed' is checked- Click OK.
  11. Close all browser windows and Restart PC or Laptop.

4. Safari Settings -
Please make sure that you have enabled JavaScript on the Safari browser. Safari comes with JavaScript disabled. You can go to a Safari Website at *.

Select Question #9 to see if you have Java.

If features of web pages don't seem to work, you may have turned off the use of plug-ins, Java, or JavaScript, or you may have set Safari to block pop-up windows.
  1. Choose Preferences from the Safari menu and click Security.
  2. Make sure that the checkboxes to use plug-ins, Java, and JavaScript are selected and that the "Block pop-up windows" checkbox is not selected.
  3. If these items are not selected and the page isn't working, choose Report Bugs to Apple from the Safari menu to report the problem.
  4. If you open web pages that you trust, then allowing pages to use plug-ins, Java, and JavaScript will not risk the security of your computer.
Note: The information in this document comes from Safari Help, the help system included with your Safari browser.

If you continue to have trouble with the Safari browser then it is recommended that you try to complete your application using Internet Explorer.

5. Connection / Links / Idling Error / Blank or Frozen Page -
If you lost your connection you will need the ACCESS application number and password to restart your application. If the page has gone blank or has frozen close your browser window and reopen it to try to re-access your application.

If you have lost your password and have not e-signed your application then you will have to start a new application.

If you have lost your password and have e-signed your application, please call 1-866-76-ACCES (1-866-762-2237) toll-free for further assistance.

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