Children, Youth and Families

Having Trouble Deciding?

Here are some questions to consider when deciding whether to adopt a child:

  • Why do I want to adopt a child?
  • Can I provide a stable home for a child?
  • Am I ready to open my heart to another's needs?
  • Is this child just a substitute for a lost child or a person in his/her own right?
  • Am I willing to go through all the paperwork and various other requirements to have a child?
  • How will I handle friends' and family's questions and comments about adoption?
  • Can I love this child as my own?
  • How will I deal with my child's questions about birth parents?
  • When will I tell my child about adoption?
  • Can I afford to take another person into my family?

Traits of Successful Adoption Families:
  • A sense of humor
  • A true acceptance of the child's differences
  • The ability to measure success in small steps
  • A firm belief in committment