Children, Youth and Families

How You Can Help

Protecting children and strengthening families is the responsibility of every member of the community. Fostering and adopting a child may not be an option for everyone, however, there are many ways to help a child or family in need in your community.

You can provide free services for foster/adoptive families, such as:

  • Free haircuts, dental care, periodic maid service, tailoring;
  • Free services based on occupation/business: construction, counseling, home furnishings, family dinners at restaurants, mechanic services; or
  • Scholarships/free lessons for summer camp, sports teams, dance, art or music.

You can help children and their families by:

  • Volunteering as a life-skills tutor (cooking, computer skills, sewing, money management);
  • Becoming a school volunteer;
  • Providing school supplies (books, pencils, book bags, paper);
  • Providing jobs for older youth;
  • Mentoring a child or the entire family; or
  • Starting or volunteering for an after-school program.

You or your organization can contribute money or donate goods:

  • For scholarships, summer camps, field trips, or music lessons;
  • For holidays, birthdays, and graduations; or
  • Other items such as car seats, high chairs, toys, luggage, or clothes.

You can support agencies and the court system by:

  • Recruiting foster/adoptive parents in your community;
  • Hosting social events for foster/adoptive parents (picnics, parties, bowling); or
  • Becoming a Guardian ad Litem (court appointed advocate for children).

Call your local Department of Children and Families office, Community-Based Care Lead Agency (CBC), family court, parent resource center or the social work department of your local university for more information about how you can make a difference.

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